hot stone massage.

By applying Hot Basalt Stones to key points on the body, your muscles relax preparing the body to allow access to the deeper muscle layers. The hot stones have a soothing effect on your entire system relieving strained or constricted muscles, decreasing pain from muscle spasms and have been known to provide relief from chronic pain due to arthritic conditions.

Feel the tension melt away as the warmth from the stones flows through your body.

Hot Stone Massage is a perfect alternative for people who are very sensitive to heavy pressure.  The heat from the stones penetrates to a level in a more subtle way allowing work on the muscles to be carried out without using deep pressure but gaining a similar effect.

Extra Benefits:

  • Increases circulation and metabolism
  • Increases flexibility in joints leading to easier movement & mobility
  • Expands blood vessels encouraging blood flow throughout the body

Please Note: This treatment is not suitable for those who have a chronic heart condition so please check with your doctor if you are considering this form of treatment.




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