massage for surfers  

Only a surfer knows the feeling!   When the surf's up there's no time to be suffering pain or injury.

Massage for Surfers is aimed at keeping you in top, flexible, pain free form, with increased range of motion and less risk of injury.  

Our treatment focuses on muscles and connective tissues specifically used during a surfing session.  It aids in ridding lactic acid and preventing DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

A variety of specific massage and stretching techniques will be used appropriately throughout the treatment.

Whether you are planning to compete, suffering an injury or merely desiring to maintain top form, we are here to help.

Our massage treatments are adaptable to suit not only board riders, but any ocean sports where paddling is concerned.  Stand-up paddle, surf ski, life saving, outrigging, ocean swimming etc. 

Claimable on all private health funds. 

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