shell essences

Shell Essences are a holistic form of energy medicine.

They are natural remedies similar to homoeopathy, and made in the time-honoured method of most flower essences, pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Vibrational essences use life-force energy found in nature to stimulate a healing response in the body's subtle energy system.
They can best be understood through the scientific wisdom of Einstein, which acknowledges that energy and matter are both valid expressions of all creation.

Shell Essences access a vibrational healing energy pattern found within the calcium shells of specific molluscs. This vibrational information is released into water in the presence of sunlight. No shell is crushed nor live creature harmed to make the remedies. Unlike flower essences, the same shell must always be re-used to create the mother tincture.

Shell Essences are spiritual healing remedies. They understand the complexity of our energy bodies, they access our cellular memory to stimulate our natural self-healing ability, re-balance negative emotional states, and create fulfilling lives.

Shell Essences are high spiritual multidimensional energies. They understand the complexity of our subtle anatomy, and help us regain the ability to self-heal, re-balance negative emotional states and create fulfilling lives.

With each Vibrational remedies, once an ancient healing art, are the medicine of the future.

Essences are available in a base natural water and Australian brandy or in an alcohol free Australian natural herbal product.

Essences are available upon request and are of great benefit to assist with continued balance after treatments.

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